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Chris Froome

Wow, what a fantastic period of British sporting success we’ve all been able to enjoy during this heatwave. First it was Andy Murray triumphing at Wimbledon. Then we’ve had multiple Aussie-crushing antics at home and abroad, thanks to our cricket and rugby union teams in recent days. And now, with Mr Froome, we’ve got a second consecutive British winner of the biggest annual sporting event in the world, courtesy of Chris winning the 100th Tour De France in Paris.

It’s certainly a great time to be a British sports fan and naturally, it would make sense for brands and businesses to consider how best to take advantage – similar to the Yorkshire businesses who are already deep into planning their activities around the 2014 launch of the Tour De France up in their Dales.

With all that in mind, we thought we’d re-share the link to what is now an even more relevant blog by David Atkinson in the The Huffington Post from earlier this month, where our Managing Partner considers the merits of involvement with the likes of British cycling for brands. Read all about it HERE.

One thing is for sure, Chris Froome will surely have a fair few sponsorship offers and merchandising deals to ponder in the coming weeks whilst sitting in the garden at home, wearing his yellow jersey.



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