Marketing horror stories

Fright Nights

Space were asked by Thorpe Park to produce the new look and feel for their Halloween event, Fright Nights. So, after weeks of spooky sights and sounds coming from the direction of the creative team, we’ve been able to unleash our slightly terrifying posters featuring a range of Lionsgate horror characters.

Being diligent marketers, we naturally felt that a visit to the park was necessary, in order to check that the creative was reflective of the scary horror themes on show. Obviously, any fun and games had by the team was purely for research purposes only….

The afternoon flew by, with all of the team getting fully engrossed in the theme park experience (some more than others!) Don’t be fooled by ‘X’, it’s not a maze, nor is it an ‘experience’ as it was described. It is in fact a scarily fast, dark rollercoaster – so if you’re afraid of scary rides, best stick to the tea cups.

Fright Nights will run throughout the rest of the month – and if you’re feeling brave, tickets are available from HERE.



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