Bog Standards

Trawling through our ‘irreverent-but-interesting-research-snippets’ folder earlier on, we rediscovered a bathroom-focused infographics example from a while back and thought it was perhaps time to show it again.

Especially as toilet humour opinions are even more topical now that Andrex have revealed the results of their  recent (and let’s be honest, massively over-sharing) Scrunch or Fold bum-wiping social media engagement campaign:

Anyhow, onto onto the paper-hanging debate. If nothing else, the visual we’ve included below demonstrates that no topic or theme is  ever ‘off limits’ for the burgeoning infographics trend, using the tried and tested principle of combining analysis and information flow through an accessible graphic narrative.

For the record, the Space office voted near-unanimously for the over method of storing their personal toilet paper, so no debate here in our WC (2E 7HF).


Original source: HERE



So, what do you think?

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