No nonsense in Huddersfield


To kick off the 2012 season, Huddersfield Town FC and Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team welcomed a new sponsor to their home pitch, now known as, drum roll please, The John Smith’s Stadium! As well as being named after the smooth stuff the beer is also served during games, great news to all who visit!

With a number of sports fans amongst us in the Space team, we jumped at the chance to run the project of branding the stadium. We developed the stadium logo, branded the players tunnel and created a ginormous 38m sign across the side of the building – no job has been too big or indeed too small. We focussed on building John Smith’s presence at the stadium using simple, bold creative but couldn’t resist adding cheeky elements of the essential ‘no nonsense’ humour.

But our job here is not done, far from it; the sponsorship is running for the next 5 years giving us plenty of time to turn the whole stadium green!



So, what do you think?

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