Equine Tasting

Horse meat Tesco

With the bizarre news that a range of burgers from Tesco actually contain traces of horse meat, maybe now is an ideal time for some decisions.

  • Time to resist using any more dodgy puns.
    (Thoroughbred and Butter, Tesco Cheval(ue), Foal Play, etc, etc)
  • Time to look more closely at providers of ingredients to chain stores.
  • Time to question what all the fuss might be about.
  • Time to consider whether horse meat is a viable food source in the UK.
  • Time to become a vegetarian.
  • Time to get on with some more work.

Or perhaps it’s simply time to share a topical meat and cooking related infographic – like this handy ‘cheat sheet’ for kitchens from everest.co.uk

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Full size image and source: HERE

Although there are a multitude of apps, gizmos and gadgets that do a similar job, we reckon that this is a great effort at conveying a multitude of information in one place, in a nice retro-tinged design layout.

All it’s missing is a section on our horseshoe wearing friends…




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