Now That’s What I Call Music 2013

2013 music

It’s the first Friday of 2013 and so that also means it’s the first all-agency Friday Playlist of 2013 too. It’s where we ask everyone in the office to submit at least 5 random music tracks to our latest Spotify playlist, so we can disrupt complement the daily working environment in a funky Friday way.

There’s no theme laid down this week – so if you’re looking for a broad selection of hot new tips for the year as well as potential Next-Big-Things rubbing shoulders with the odd ’80s starlet, indie revivalists and some iffy soul/rap (thanks to Tass in the studio) – then you know where to find it.

And if you don’t know where to find it, please click here.

Oh – and belated happy new year to everyone. Here’s hoping that 2013 is filled with success, laughs, health and happiness. And hopefully, marginally less rain.



10 responses to “Now That’s What I Call Music 2013

  1. Enter

  2. Software

  3. Xerox

  4. Post 2014

  5. Goldens from strength

  6. Ritney

  7. 10000

  8. fwっksklslslsl

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