US versus them

The Donkey or the Elephant.
New boys or GOP.
Democrats or Republicans.
Obama or Romney.

Whatever you know them as, $5.8 billion has been spent on convincing Americans to plump for one of them to lead the Super Power by voting during today. In the next 24 hours,  the most powerful man in the universe* will have been chosen… and we’ll see what kind of world we’ll be waking up to by morning.

We love a good infographic at Space, so the election also gives us a great opportunity to share a link to many great examples from the last few weeks, courtesy of some partisan and creative individuals stateside.

Another really interesting thing with the 2012 US election, is the little-reported fact that there are lots of burning issues state to state that are also being decided, from abortion, to legalised drugs, to assisted suicide. Massively contentious and spirited topics (aka the most interesting topics) one and all. Find out more via the relevant link at the end of this post.

Often cited as being extremely myopic, with things such as televised ’60 seconds around the world’ bulletins often containing US-only content,  the collective citizens of the United States will nevertheless be helping to shape our own immediate economic and social futures for the next few years – and those of many countries in the world. Who said politics was unimportant?!

So, no pressure then guys.

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* Sorry He-Man, it’s no contest.



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