When You Wish Upon A Death Star

So it’s official – arguably the biggest brand in entertainment is now even bigger, thanks to acquiring the exclusive rights of the various Lucasfilm IPs for a reported $4.05 billion. That means Star Wars, Indiana Jones and, erm, Howard The Duck are ripe for fresh development and new artistic directions.

The internet was set ablaze last night when the story broke, with social media being the main battle ground between those geeks fans who were embracing the idea of opening up the Star Wars (and Indiana Jones) franchises to new exciting directors, visions and opportunities…. and those fans who felt that Lucas had sold out to the merchandising evil empire and was, well, taking the Mickey.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be an interesting time in the next few months for fans of all kinds of franchises and beloved characters, across the entertainment and merchandising industries.

One thing’s for sure, all Disney Stores on the high street will need to be a teensy bit bigger from now on.

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