On Her Majesty’s Client Service

Okay, we’ve saved the best and most exciting part until last in our agency’s
James Bond vote-a-thon; The best Bond. Who is he, and why?

When asked, our voters seemed to choose with their hearts (and other feelings) rather than judging on the movies each actor actually starred in. And perhaps that’s as it should be.

After all, Bond should be Bond regardless of whether he’s faced with a political coup, an imminent international disaster, or even when faced with a slightly iffy plot and plodding-along script (stand up ‘Die Another Day’).

So then, here are the Space top 5 Bonds:

1. Daniel Craig
Surprise top Bond, but perhaps due to the fact that he’s been associated with the role for the last 6 years, as well as being voted one of the sexiest males in recent polls. We’re also guessing visions of white shorts and impressive abs helped, given the feedback from some of the ladies in the office.

2. Sean Connery
The original (and some would say the best) Bond. Well, Space employees wouldn’t as he’s not in the top spot. Still, he starred in many classics from the franchise and will always hold a schpecial place with fans. Oh yesh.

3. Pierce Brosnan
Solid entry for the man from Remington Steel. A line he’s no doubt used himself sometime. Great Bond persona, but only 1 really decent movie to show for it.

4. Roger Moore
Just outside the top 3 by one vote, Sir Rog is perhaps let down by his wrinkly tanned personal appearances during 2012 – otherwise surely he’d be in the top 3. He did have some cracking Bond girls to partner up with though, which is one benefit of being the superlover superspy mainstay of the ’70s and early ’80s.

5. Timothy Dalton
An unlucky late replacement for first choice Brosnan, it seems he was involved when people weren’t as interested in Bond during the late ’80s. Shame, as both his films were actually pretty good. And he did at least star in The Rocketeer*

6. George Lazenby
Some people didn’t even know he WAS James Bond. Poor fella, one attempt and he’s out. One small comfort is that he had Diana Rigg to squeeze in OHMSS.


And there we go. Skyfall, you’re up – so let’s see what you’ve got.

* The Rocketeer is a traditional matinee-style pulp movie set in the ’40s and based on the fantastic world of Dave Stevens. Woefully underrated according to Steve in the office and still unseen by lots of people. He reckons it’s got classic good-looking characters, dialogue, action and adventure aplenty. What’s not to like?! LINK



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