Moore Bond

Back on the Bond vibe in honour of the imminent release of Skyfall, we also asked everyone in the agency what their favourite movies were from the franchise. Typically, people more easily recalled the most recent entries, as well as 1 or 2 of those made more ‘memorable’ through Mr Austin Powers.

In any case, here are the top 5 Bond movies, as voted for by Space:

1. Live and Let Die
Roger Moore. Paul McCartney and Wings. Voodoo. Henchmen with pincers for hands. Jane Seymour playing cards. Blaxploitation.  For all these reasons and more, Live and Let Die is the current choice of Best Bond Movie at Space.

2. Casino Royale
Just missing out on the ‘double’ for Daniel Craig. Despite sounding like a movie tie-in at Burger King, Bond’s comeback in the noughties is acclaimed by many and a firm favourite here in our offices too. Skyfall, please be more of the same.

3. Goldfinger
Not be confused with the pastiche Goldmember variant, it’s still famous for OddJob, quotable dialogue by the bucketload, Pussy Galore and the iconic cinematic shot of Bond’s latest conquest turned into a gold-painted victim.

4. Goldeneye
Double dose of gold – and Brosnan’s first outing in the role. This movie had everything audiences want: action, adventure, cars, gadgets, girls, humour, fast-paced dialogue and memorable scenes. Solid all round addition.

5. Moonraker
Second appearance for Roger Moore – and one of his campiest, which going on his track record across the ’70s is mightily impressive. Big sets and Bond in perfect harmony. And lots of orange boiler suits. Lots of boiler suits. Plus, the appearance of evil metal-mouthed henchman Jaws, with a girlfriend in tow.



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