Divas are Forever

Okay then, the first set of results from our office-wide voting is for the Best Bond Title Theme Music. Pretty much every title track released so far can stand on its own merits (even Lulu’s weird effort for Man With The Golden Gun), but we’ve gone ahead and drawn up our own top 5:

1. Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey 
No real arguments to have The Bass at the top here. With 3 knockout tracks in the franchise, Dame Shirley knows how to belt out Bond, as well as influence many people, including Kanye West. And, topically, some woman called Adele.

2. Another Way to Die – Jack White and Alicia Keys
Big surprise here, with the title song from Quantum of Solace not usually considered to be one of the standout titles. Seemingly we have a few White Stripes and Alicia Keys fans in the office, as this was an easy 2nd place in our list.

3. View To A Kill – Duran Duran
Welcome ’80s entry into the Space top 5 list. Simon Le Bon is a massive Le Bond fan and this track conjours up perfect images of the film and the decade.
Unlike an ageing Roger Moore attempting to wrestle a lubed-up Grace Jones.

4. Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney and Wings
Not to be confused with the Guns n’ Roses rocky version, this title track is often in ‘top 5’ lists. Nice change of pace from Macca, back when it was a rare thrill for him to announce an appearance. Also good for testing lighter-holding skills.

5. Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon
Taken from The Spy Who Loved Me, this schmoozy song is loaded with innuendo and cocktail lounge vibes. A bit like James Bond himself.



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