Let’s make lots of Moneypenny

With the James Bond franchise being 50 years old this year and Skyfall becoming the 23rd movie this next week…. we wanted to consult a few of our resident Bond aficionados to pull together a brief analysis of the value of James Bond, as a franchise/brand, a promotional partner and, importantly, as a valuable property that entertains AND makes a wad of cash for all concerned.

Our industry has a lot in common with Ian Fleming’s creation. Both are keen to follow but challenge the brief they’ve been given, both exceed expectations, get results, show initiative and resolve, maintain a positive image, enhance their reputations, plus get the girl and drive cars that many of us can only dream of.

Okay, maybe not the last couple.  But even so, it’s certainly a great time to look at the James Bond juggernaut in terms of marketing and business opportunities.

Oh right, stop there.

Most of what we wanted to say is already now covered in this excellent article by The Guardian.  Damn. It’s got a lot of the facts and stats that we were going to share, but hey, it’s got a cheesy Bond pun as a headline so that’s cool with us.

We might instead take a look at the impact that Skyfall has in later weeks but for now, we thought it’d be fun to gauge office opinion on all things Bond. Over the next couple of days, we’ll reveal the favourite Bond title track music, Bond movie and Bond actor of the team here at Space.

To kick things off, we’ll start with the music. Can we have the results from the Covent Garden jury please….



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