The Space Olympiad MMXII

As the lights dimmed and Chariots of Fire rang out on the Mac the excitement was palpable… then out of the corner of the office came a beacon of light, a handmade gold paper torch with a glowing flame, well a carefully placed lighter, but still, the impact was as impressive. As Senior Account Executive and fire marshal extraordinaire Jess  armed herself with an extinguisher and a look of fear in her eyes, the sparklers were lit and the Desperados was popped… the Space Olympics had begun.

Here at Space we have been getting into the spirit of things and just couldn’t face seeing the end of the Olympics – we honestly can’t remember what we did before! So from Boris Bike rides and egg and spoon races around Covent Garden, to office golf and the great hill climb (well 4 flights of stairs) there has been an excess of blood, sweat and tears all to be crowned the Space Olympic Champion.

Look out for reports on who managed to succeed in which events in a future blog update…the pressure is almost too much. Wish us luck!



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