Fancy an augmented pint?

Working with Bulmers, we have launched an exciting augmented reality experience designed to educate drinkers on the perfect way to serve their pint. Using the Bulmers app (or Aurasma Lite version), drinkers can see the effects by pointing their smartphone at images placed on point of sale across 10,000 pubs and bars this summer.

The Bulmers app offers an in-depth 3D experience utilizing boundary pushing technology to show real time refraction and reflection on the Bulmers pint glass- which really has to be seen to be believed. The app is available on iPhone 4&4s, iPad 2&3, and can be downloaded here, as well as Android phones and tablets, which are downloadable from here.

Once the app is downloaded, the phone just needs to be pointed at the special marker to activate the experience, which is contained within the promotional imagery. A printable version is available to download and try here.

Consumers can also find the app by searching ‘Bulmers’ using App Store or Google Play on their phones.

To use the Aurasma version, Aurasma Lite can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android phones and tablets by searching for ‘Aurasma’.

The app is part of a wider integrated campaign to educate drinkers on the best way to experience Bulmers in the pub or at home.


We are also asking drinkers to rate their Bulmers for a chance to win gig and events tickets  – the app is an ideal way for drinkers to judge their perfect pints of Bulmers.

Now, who’s getting the next virtual round in?



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