In our back (Covent) Garden

The Marketing Society likes to spark debate amongst its senior members. On this occasion, New Covent Garden Food Co has come under fire after no one won its ‘win a farm’ competition.

“Is it harder to execute promotional marketing in the social media age?”

Managing Partner David Atkinson says NO to this latest question posed by
The Marketing Society Forum….

Traditionally, the promoter has been able to estimate likely redemptions based on expected participation. This can enable costs to be fixed through insurance, and for the prize fund to be swelled to make a more appealing headline. It would be possible to offer ‘£1m of prizes’, based on a predicted redemption rate of 10% for a cost of £100,000. But the ‘adapt or die’ maxim applies. We want consumer engagement, and with social media, we are getting it.

True consumer engagement demands greater sharing and, as with every other area of marketing, promotional campaigns have much to gain from this shift. Social media should be a friend to share with, not an enemy to fear.

Link to original article here: CLICK



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