The souper time of year

Yesterday saw the 2nd annual Space Soup Off competition in the office – and not a moment too soon, especially with the stupidly chilly winds hurtling down The Strand towards the office. If ever a decent selection of hearty soups was needed, it was certainly then.

The judging panel were treated to 6 soups of “exceptional quality and high standards” which made their decision all the more tricky, rendering the planned bribery and sabotage tactics fromthe morning rather meaningless. In any case, the judges DID make a decision, so we’ve got some action shots and the top 3 places confirmed below.

First off though, here are the finalists in all their glory, albeit in 72 dpi:

And so, to the top 3:

1. Wild Winter Wonderland Steve ‘regional taste’  Manser
2. Chicken Noodle Westley ‘I was robbed again’  Bellew
3. Chorizo RatatouilleCharlie ‘Ramsey’  Gilmartin

Congratulations to all the winners, participants, judges and those offering moral support and tips on how to speed up the microwave process by a few vital seconds. Here’s to 2012 and even more soup-related shenannigans.

We’ll leave you with a few images of the esteemed judges in action…



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