Me, myself +i

According to recent research by Leger Holidays, half of all UK holidaymakers would prefer to go away on their own, regardless of relationship status. To support this, travel companies have been reporting 10-20% increases in single bookings during 2011, which can be attributed to a number of reasons, including reduced costs, wider choice, waivers of single supplements and being able to fit in some ‘me’ time around families and hectic working lifestyles.

But when travelling alone, it’s certainly important keep in touch with loved ones, feel secure and also maximise any time away, especially if it’s a short break. That’s where today’s technology can make a real difference, whether accessed via a smart phone, laptop or tablet. Many phones now act as a personal WiFi spot or tethering unit, so you can get online anywhere that has a mobile signal – perfect for keeping in touch, finding out local information on the fly and yes, even catching up on some office emails.


With a mobile device, every traveller benefits from having a dictionary, currency convertor and calculator in their pocket, but there’s even more. Sprit levels, metric convertors, and language translators are often pre-installed with handsets. Mobile SatNav technology helps with itineraries, destination planning, guides and familiarisation with a new place.

M-commerce is now widespread, allowing travellers the luxury of ordering tickets, food, car hire, hotels, travel or anything they wish to purchase, direct from their phones.

And of course, there’s easy access to social media, for those all important photos and status updates to share with envious friends and family.



So, what do you think?

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