Sponsorship Blues

So, can short-term sponsorship deals work?

That’s the question being asked in the industry at present, following the news that Birmingham City Football Club are offering shirt sponsorship opportunities on  a match-by-match basis this season.

Birmingham City are in the position of being unable to agree a full season deal because they have fallen from the Premier League and are not yet prepared to sign longer term deals with smaller or more local businesses. They’re hoping that they bounce back to the Premier League and are optimistic of the bigger money deal that can follow. So whether the short term approach works, all hinges on the team getting back to the top flight.

One season with changing sponsors may even yield more income – we all know that long term deals equal security, which means cost often dips for sponsors.  And, certainly fans may collect the shirts as long as there is the right pricepoint just the right side of taking advantage of unfortunate circumstances. But the deals will be less beneficial for the sponsors.

However, brands with shallower pockets than Emirates or Samsung may benefit from focusing marketing around one or two home matches, take significant hospitality, and leverage the investment hard.

As a short term solution for everyone then, it can work.



So, what do you think?

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