NIVEA for Men (and for Boris)

During July, Space delivered the MOST WANTED campaign for one of
our long-standing clients, NIVEA for Men. With incredibly short lead times, NIVEA asked us to develop an experiential campaign that coincided with the launch of its new ‘stubble-friendly’ moisturiser, Hydrogel. Unlike previous NIVEA campaigns, the ATL creative for this campaign was fun, cartoon-like and featured a giant cactus – so we thought we’d share a bit more detail about what actually happened out there in railway stations and shopping centres.

First of all, this ‘break-away’ from the norm enabled us to have a bit of fun and develop an experiential campaign – MOST WANTED. Our Brand Ambassadors were looking to distribute samples to men aged 20-40, who ideally had stubble. We therefore drew inspiration from old Wild West ‘Most Wanted’ posters to come up with our MOST WANTED campaign. In addition to being given a free sample of Hydrogel, guys were also invited to have their own MOST WANTED photo taken, to be in with a chance of winning a holiday for 4 to Las Vegas.

All of the MOST WANTED photos from around the country were then uploaded to Facebook. Regional winners were then selected and the overall (very lucky winner) is in line to win the trip to Las Vegas. Our 2  teams and giant cacti toured across England, Wales and Scotland, visiting city centres and train stations over 17 days of activity…. with a consumer reach of over 1.8 million.

We received a brilliant response on each of the activity days and the campaign was a great success, both in terms of surpassing our targets and feedback from the public.

You can check out all the photos on the MOST WANTED Facebook page here.

And, as you can see from the header image, even London Mayor Boris Johnson was keen to join the crowds and collect his own free sample of Hydrogel to try back at home. It also meant that someone could claim a few vital runs in our ongoing Office Celeb Spotting Cricket* contest for the current 2011 season.

*Not affiliated with the ECB or the ICC, but just as much fun. Probably.



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