Entertainment hits the Spot(ify)

Skipping away from any heavy debate about the merits and annoyances of digital music and streaming, Steve Manser (one of our Senior Account Directors) had a few thoughts about why SPOTIFY is great….

To paraphrase one of our clients from his twitter account, “music is our radar” and many of the guys and girls at Space share a passion for discussing, dissecting and yes, dissing various artists, bands and genres. It’s something that is part of our working lives too, offering a soundtrack to our creative, strategic and marketing endeavours on a daily basis across both of our offices.

For those who don’t know, Spotify is a musical streaming service that until recently offered FREE access to millions of digital tracks, with cheesy advertising splattered around between every few tracks. But now, by changing their terms and conditions and limiting the number of listens for free accounts, they are effectively moving almost exclusively towards a paid-for model…. which has many people punching their keyboards in disgust.

But not us, at least for now. Consider if you will, the case for the defence:

  • £9.99 every month.
  • Fantastic iTunes-beating user interface.
    (think: Apple’s style mixed with Android’s interactivity)
  • Effective ownership of 10,000,000 tracks from all genres.
  • Whole back catalogues can be grabbed in a matter of seconds.
  • The same playlists can be shared between our offices.
  • Immediate biogs and ‘related artists’ to discover.
  • Easy to subscribe to user playlists and compilations – and share them.
  • Smart mobile phones can play all tracks on and offline.
  • Offline mode means the collection is playable anywhere you like.
  • Spotify merges existing libraries to offer complete player functionality.
  • There is the option to stream it all through any digital or wifi radio.
  • Best of all, Spotify doesn’t cast aspersions on your musical taste. Yet.

What’s not to like?

Especially when you consider that digital and physical albums these days are £7-£10, then a tenner a month would appear to offer great value. I’ve even used my (as yet) unpatented ‘thousand yard stare’ acid test of a musical establishment’s quality and depth… and yep, Spotify sailed through it.*

So you can certainly colour me impressed, as  it’s got everything I need as a music fan, and more. For me, it’s the nearest that technology has come to replicating the nuances and appeal of mix tapes from my youth. You know, cassettes with bits of paper in the tabs to record, using your neatest handwriting, trying to edit out Bruno Brookes talking over radio tracks, etc. Great times.

If you’re on Spotify already – feel free to add me and share some suitable musical niceties. Just type 

into the search box and like the Jackson 5, I’ll be there. And if you have any recommendations of great bands, albums or tracks (past or present) that are marginally more current than INXS, Gary Numan and Blondie, then please do let me know in the comments below…. and I’ll be sure to add them to our Exeter office playlist.

I’m sure my colleagues would be most appreciative.


* Thousand Yard Stare were a blink-and-you’ll-miss-them band riding on the crest of the Indie and Shoegazer music scene in the early ’90s, which as a result, destined them to forever be a niche “erm, who?” band. Hence the test.



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