Evolution of digital marketing.

There isn’t a single business, and governing bodies are exactly that, who can afford to ignore the endless opportunities in digital. Whether raising profits, funds or awareness, digital has opened up communication channels – and therefore sales potential – with stakeholders and communities, with consumers and followers.

It would be wrong to categorise such organisations into the stereotype of dinosaurs, but certainly governing bodies have been slow to catch on to the potential. Not every business has the scope to invest in agencies or in-house
departments to manage digital, but increasingly the infrastructure needs to be remodelled to allow greater focus on digital throughout the business.

Many of these sporting organisations are built on heritage and history, and therefore the higher echelons have been established over generations. It’s unlikely that the boardrooms of such organisations are rife with digital natives, and the paradigm shift required and its accompanying investments, would be treated with scepticism and concern. After all, when these businesses have survived through developments of the internet, email, fax and mobile telephony, direct mail, and text, it has undoubtedly been an uphill struggle for pioneers to drive unity and understanding and force through significant shifts in behaviour.

Whilst social media is constantly evolving, we are reaching a point where fads are evaporating or shrinking, and winners are rising to the top.
Similarly, spin-offs and developments (Facebook Places to name but one) are  providing additional ways to monetise the community value that is created. But the greatest challenge is in the commerce side of the framework. Increasingly failure to offer a one-to-one sales mechanism means losing value out of the cycle to someone else. And consumers and shoppers will have adapted to another system which will be challenging to break.

For those that can afford it, senior digital resource in-house must be the first step. Without it, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do. Thereafter, whether in house or via external consultancy, the bedrock will be in place to take advantage.

Although some might be daunted by the revolution, the upside is worth the wait.



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